It Starts with a spark

igniting ideas to improve agriculture advancements

Is your passion to create break through products, services or technologies to advance the agriculture and food industries? 
Would you find value in being part of a group of peer innovators and potential end-users, all while receiving professional advice from AgriBusiness experts? Then our Spark Alliance might be for you. 

What's in it for you?

  • Collaborate with other start-ups working toward complimentary advancements
  • Looking to solve new industry challenges? We have a bank of AgriBusiness problems looking for innovators to solve
  • Direct access to end-users who can test, give feedback and invest in your success
  • Advice from legal, tax and accounting professionals to give your business a solid framework for success

If you are excited to be part of a growing Alliance of Ag Innovators, fill out the form below to start the evaluation process. 

Criteria for Consideration 

  • Unique solution with wide market applicability in ag and food supply chain (Launched in the last 5 Years) 
  • Solid business plan and strategy, with team that can execute
  • Scalable
  • Financial feasibility
  • Long-term viability
  • Is in a position and market that KCoe can add value through market, brand and expertise
  • Currently generating revenue
  • Founder-operated